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Beauty in Abstract /Contemporary art, is it a real thing ?

How beautiful….!!!

This is our first expression when we see a pleasant painting . A kind of different feeling which is tranquilizer or antithetical , vivid or wild , fearful or thrilled and raise the question in mind.

I want to discover the origin of aestheticism in Abstract art and know where is this sense coming from ?

Why some art works are beautiful? Why so many people are attached to an art works because they see beauty in it? What is the material of the beauty that an artist paints in his/her works? These are the questions that made me to follow some works of different contemporary modern artist painters for almost years and read about them and their art, trying to understand and analyze their work by their own viewers.

The common sense in art is…Art has “Prophecy”.

The prophecy of art is in her ability to give the message. Art is the messenger.

If we believe in this ability of art, then, how we can get message in virtual world from a space between two worlds. What is the message? What is the meaning of it? Dose any message exist at all? Or, all is our mind’s delusion?

Can we consider a contemporary / abstraction painting as an aesthetical object ?

I noticed the most common to describe an abstract painting was the word of * Beautiful* * stunning* * magical*…

The reaction of those followers around the world was very interesting for me, some of those artists success to create a global virtual gallery on their walls. their pages became a safe, trusted place in the virtual world where those art lovers could able to share their feeling, memories, opinions, expression..ect.

Anatole France said: “in my opinion, we will never find out, why an object is beautiful”

Same as a contemporary works. Sometimes we cannot understand, what does exist in those paintings that create a desirable sense in us. the artist unconsciousness mind knows that he is walking on a narrow line between creating a real art or fall into the trap of “ beauty “.

I think we must explore the beauty of each art works alongside of the other objects as well as “life” and “phenomenon of creation”.

Elements as water, soil, fire, air, and human soul, passion, zen ......are the most source of inspiration. Looking at them gives a visual pleasure to the viewer. And makes him/ her to ask, why? How?

Mind and sense gets to the one point, when it comes to abstract paintings. And this special feelings or “gusto” makes contemporary art-lovers and fans fascinated and charmed.

The abstract artist painters are poets /poetess . they do poetry by their paintings, and write books. A visual colorful book for comprehend beauty, human and most simple intellectual phenomenon as Life.

usually two categories do exist in abstract paintings:

Art and beauty;

Art for painter and his/her viewer dose exist in” sense of awareness” and beauty of its works, exist in the “sense of unconscious”. Beyond the modern and contemporary style paintings, we see spirituality and multidimensional art.

an abstraction artist painter have infatuation for Human being. invites their own being to the amazing journey, somewhere between two worlds. they breaks the walls and distances of time and space in their paintings and let viewers to experience the joy of suspending time between past, present, and future.

Anthony Ashley Cooper (Earl of Shaftesbury) said: Beauty is nothing except the truth; human’s eyes can cognize it”. So, the artist has truth in its paintings, some inner psychological truth which explains his/her spiritual dimension.

Artist shows us, the images of his abstract mind, fulfilled with proportion and order, in a very unseal irregularity disorder. The beauty of abstract paintings comes from quality. They are attached, detached and scaled. Uniformity does not have any place in its colorful universe. The artist is so talented and creative which an egg for example , take place in our eyes as outstanding angle of rotation, the gate of life and so on.

Contradictions of contemporary works has scientific process, they have appropriateness and inappropriateness. the artists loves so much his/her viewer that it let them to touch their inner beauty and asks itself, this sense of beauty where is coming from? Which part of my inner realm?

Abstraction targets human instinct, challenge them and as I says: “Mirroring them”

The artist most of the time drew a scale from instinct to the truth. The truth which is “different” for each of us, and comes from our inner soul. Theist’s dose believes, truth is equal with beauty, and except beauty, nothing dose exist. God is absolute beauty, and because everything comes from it, or is the symbol of it, then universe is beautiful and whatever makes our eyes, heart, soul to feel beauty has the extract of god in it.

What is the material of the abstraction art’s beauty?

. Ratio as existence

.Ratio as an aesthetic perfection

.Ratio as receptor’s needs

.Ratio as sense of taste

.Ratio as sense of originality

. Ratios as repetition and habit … ect.

Exclusivity of most of the painting that I saw makes the definition of Beauty, beyond her original meaning. No matter what, the person who dose enjoy beauty, and comprehend it, cannot measure the joy of watching this kind of art works and give it a number or frame. beauty is not watermelon which can be put on scale and weigh it. Beauty is a unique sense.

In summery in the abstraction art works, beauty comes from beauty itself. Somewhere, in its inner soul. It shows us, the truth. The kind of truth that any human being at level of providing life and relief, can connect to it and feel it. the kind of art, that is far away from duplication, because, in each painting the artist raise a new question. Abstraction art is far away from any interest and dividends; this art is controversial and opens decoder complex memory.

Enchanted Soul by Katayoon Firouzi


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