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Katayoon Firouzi is an abstract/contemporary artist painter.

Nature ,poetry and mysticism are the material of my works. In my paintings I like to take a challenge , to risk of destroying something beautiful to create something " daring " with pure soul, instead of something " artificially beautiful ".

My aim is to reveal the "unknown", what is conceived less by the "thought" than by the "heart". The "self to the world" is revealed through the connection with the Nature, where, the reality freezes in the space of a propitious moment, capturing an ephemeral link.

 I invite the viewer to walk with me in my “unknown “side. To create a trust which is required to make a dialogue between us. My art is a cycle of “trusting, destroying, constructing and creating “.

In my painting I am a nonstop explorer who paint her present.

 My paintings are my way of contemplation. I observe, contemplate, concentrate and meditate with nature in them.

To understand my art, you need to see with the eyes of heart, not by mind.



I hope you enjoy!


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