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Beauty,art,second soul

Each philosophy is not a religion, but, each religion has a philosophy. All the religions claim that they are offering the best philosophy to mankind for making his life more meaningful and beautiful. The relation between beauty and religion is as the same way of the relation between light, good, holy…etc. they are so connected and mixed together which are undeniable in any religion, from ancient kind to new ones.

They believe everything happens for good reason and beauty comes from god and everything is manifestation of god. Knowing beauty and art depends on knowing human being. Especially, in the matter of art.

Art is product of human’s work depends on his civilization and society, while beauty is soul creation. Beauty lives in our nature and as long as we feel it, is alive. Art is synthetic an industrial elements, which get’s to be alive by our emotion.

Beauty is depending on human cognition and is more understanding than art for ordinary mind. In human cognition understanding the fact of beauty it’s in mankind soul and is origin of our emotions.

In all kind of religion with any name or ways we see angels and devils, which they aren’t male or female. They don’t have sex and sexual instinct; yet, they are beautiful and have perception of beauty.when we want to describ a beautiful thing , simply we say ; oh is like an angel. Worshiping beauty is in our subconscious mind and happens in prior of knowledge.

We know that human is the most disabling being according to his instinctive. Animals in this matter are much stronger than us. Dogs and horses can feel the earthquake before it happens, while we aren’t able to distinguish simple storm. Countless facts and realities in our cosmos tells us that ‘’human is not animal’’. Not even ultra or full-fledged animal. We have all kind of animal instinct in a very weak and backward form.

So what is it, which makes us superior than animals?

It is our instinct perfection or as call “second soul”. For example sexual instinct is monsoon in animals, while in human is not, because his second soul. Second soul is related to our aestheticism and affecting our sexual instinct, but is not the reason of it.

Religion and beauty have the same origin. They both are inside of our second soul. The relation between mankind with his second soul is like oxygen and air. Beauty is origin of morality and this gave birth to ‘’I’’ as ‘’self’’ and ‘’I ‘’ as ‘’social’’. The battle between this two gave us the feeling of ‘’regret’’ which doesn’t exist in animals.

Beauty dose exist. We feel it more than understand it. We want it and enjoying it. All our activities are for achieving the beauty. Even our sexual instinct is following our beauty will. And do not forget that inside beauty is more related with religion, existence, and god and is origin of mysticism and perfection which is comes from the second soul. However art is voluntary and informed phenomenon, while beauty is unconscious.

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