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Darkness and lightning

In the time were no light and lightning exist, darkness was enjoying of his sinful masturbating.

-How dark and frightful I am…

-There is no one can dare to stand me

-I am the god of darkness and hateful illusion…

He was so busy blabbering in his mind, which a fluid dark wave got all over him. While he was enjoying of his moments he saw a bright light in so far away, the bright particles was moving and turning till turned to the bright corpuscle.

Angrily darkness went through to the bright sphere, who was it? Who dared to be light in his territory?

The sphere was turning and getting bigger and forming in a very weird shape. Now it was not sphere, it has a tender shape.

Who are you?

I’m a white tender, and your unconscious beauty.

I do not a have beauty, neither unconscious scene, I’m darkness, I’m black , I’m frightening , I am the death by itself.

- Look at me …

look at my delicate skin, look how belle I’m turning and forming

Feel my femininity; I am your irrefutable part.

the sphere said;

- Come….come closer…feel me…

Without your darkness I cannot show myself, I am so bright and lightening because of you, I am your body contrast. No one can see me without you.

- Come….come closer…turn with me…dance with me…turn..turn and turn…

Darkness melted in her warmth scene, now, they were inseparable partners. Without black, white has no meaning…and without white, black was not excited, and this was only start of the beginning….turn…turn…turn.

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